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Can you guarantee that my paper is unique?

Yes, all content our authors create is absolutely unique. We provide you with a detailed plagiarism scan that is carried out once the paper is completed to confirm your paper’s uniqueness. The plagiarism report is created by the external provider, used by many colleges and universities.

Does ACAD WRITE have the right expert for MY project?

Our pool of scientific authors comprises experts from almost every subject area. All of them are experienced academics, many of whom hold a doctoral degree. They are experts in their subject and are up-to-date with the latest findings and developments. Don’t just take our word for it. You will have the opportunity to make your own mind up as to whether you are a good fit with your author when you have a phone conversation at the beginning of your project. You will also receive partial deliveries to assure you that your paper is on track. We continuously evaluate the performance of our authors. Once your order is completed, we will ask you to rate the cooperation. Future projects will be assigned based on your review.

How does ACAD WRITE protect my identity?

All information that you entrust us with is transferred via a secure connection. Your data will be treated in strictest confidence and we will delete it from our servers once your order is completed. All authors and staff members of ACAD WRITE sign a non-disclosure agreement which does not expire when they stop working with us. We guarantee to protect your identity at all times — before, during and after our cooperation.

How do you establish direct, yet anonymous contact with my author?

At the beginning of your project you will get to know your expert in a direct conference call, usually on first name terms. After the initial meeting you will be able to contact your author at any time via our SSL-secured communication system ACAD office, which enables you to send files and messages and schedule further phone calls. This way you can interact with your author and directly shape the outcome of your paper without revealing your identity.

Can you promise me a certain grade?

The grading of academic papers is influenced by many external factors over which we do not have direct control. Hence it would be unprofessional to guarantee clients a certain grade. What we can promise is a paper that lives up to the highest academic standards and meets your expectations. This is guaranteed by our ProQualitas assurance. If your author fails to deliver the expected quality, we will apply corrections for free — or you will get your money back. Therefore Contact us within three months of the completion date.

Does the page count in your quotation include the bibliography, appendixes etc.?

No. When we offer you a fixed price for a certain amount of characters, words or pages, this count does not include the bibliography, the appendix, the table of contents, transcripts, the cover sheet etc. These items do not incur any extra costs. The paper will be delivered according to your formatting instructions. Irrespective of formatting, we calculate 1,800 characters or 290 words per page.

Is it ok to hand in a paper written by one of your experts?

Most colleges and universities have regulations forbidding students from handing in examination papers written by someone else. Nevertheless, we can provide you with a high quality scientific draft on a topic of your choice. You may, for example, use it as a template to structure and write your own paper. Eventually, it is entirely up to you how you use the draft and what you do with it falls outside our area of accountability.

Is it possible to pay in installments?

Yes. Actually, we are so convinced that you will be impressed with our work that payment in installments is our preferred payment model. Provided that the scope and time frame of your paper allows it, your installments are always tied to partial deliveries. The next installment is only due once you are absolutely satisfied with the latest draft of your paper. For reasons of privacy protection, we do not offer payment plans that exceed the time span of your project.

Is it possible to get a discount?

All our authors are graduated and experienced academics who rightfully expect adequate compensation for their services. Our pricing is aimed at finding the right balance between the interests of our clients and those of our experts – we know it is in everyone’s interest that both sides are satisfied. Rest assured that we will always offer you the most favorable price we can. If our quotation exceeds what you are willing to invest, it is always possible to get a cheaper price by creating parts of the paper yourself.

Can you show me sample papers?

No. Discretion is one of our main principles and therefore all data of all clients are deleted once an order is fulfilled. Therefore, it is not possible to show you sample papers. You are welcome to inquire about your author’s qualifications and research experience before the start of the project.

Where can I find ACAD WRITE?

ACAD WRITE operates correspondence-addresses in the the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland (visit our company section). The most convenient way to contact us for a free quotation is the contact form.

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