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Call a doctor!—Of course, this plea is always meant to get the attention of a medical doctor, while the message “A doctor is calling” leaves it open as to whether it is a psychiatrist, a historian, or any other graduated scientist. What these two statements have in common, however, is that they catch peoples’ attention. There is no doubt, a PhD is still linked to prestige and, therefore, is likely to boost your career and make quite a difference in your income. These are just two very materialistic reasons why people may plan on writing a dissertation. Most of those who decide to do so have already started their professional careers; they may have families, as well. Then the idea of writing a dissertation suddenly becomes a serious matter of time, unless they use our expert writing services. All of our authors are both specialists concerning their subjects and experienced writers. That’s why our custom writing services can back you up and save you time.

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ACAD WRITE has a large pool of authors from all over the world, all of them being graduates themselves and specialists in at least one scientific subject, as well as being experienced writers. They all have the skills and knowledge to deal with any content and the different formal requirements of dissertations. Most of them have PhDs or other doctorates, and many of them work in scientific research and/or conduct lectures. They know what a PhD candidate needs, and they know how you feel, because they have already gone through the same process. With our dissertation writing services, you don’t just buy text. We also work with experts in empirical research and statistical evaluation. Regarding the literary side of writing a dissertation, we have specialists in formatting, proofreading, and scientific editing. So, whatever kind of support you are looking for, we will be able to put you in contact with the right person.

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Everybody’s time is limited to 24 hours in a day. There are, apart from business or work, other commitments and deadlines that also need your attention. Even if you are operating in scientific research, to complete your doctorate and write a dissertation can turn into an issue of time management, unless your work is also its subject. But if it is, there still might be other unwelcome challenges to deal with, for instance, handling statistics or editing the dissertation once it is completed. Our writing services offer you a wide range of academic support that covers these tasks and more, starting with coaching you through the process, giving you expert feedback on your thesis design, assisting you with research or writing, helping you analyze empirical studies results, or compiling the statistics for you. Of course, we do formatting and editing, as well. You decide what you need to make your day last more than 24 hours, and our custom dissertation writing services will give it to you.

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Whatever we may do for you to support you in writing your PhD thesis or dissertation, we guarantee that you will be assisted by a specialist, either in your subject and/or in the special service that you require. If our expert creates content, we guarantee that it will be unique; your text will be subject to professional editing and a detailed plagiarism check, the results of which will be given to you. These are just some of the features of our ProQualitas assurance. We also ensure that you will get access to ACAD office, your personal virtual office that will grant you free and unlimited communication with your expert, and it also includes a facility for conference calls. You are given the freedom to decide how intensively you are going to use these tools. So while using our writing services, you can stay in control of all proceedings at any time, yet remain anonymous to your author. Once your office is closed, all of your data will be deleted.


“Professionals who hold a PhD earn, on average, 40% more than their colleagues with just an MA degree.”

Finish that dissertation — it really does pay to study.

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