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Everybody must face moments and situations of doubts or even of anxiety in their careers; students do when they are nearing tests or exams; post-graduates do when they are about to finish their studies with a master’s thesis or dissertation to leave the university and to enter the corporate world. Every challenge raises questions in you; every question means uncertainty. Some of these questions you can answer yourself; some can be dealt with by friends and fellow students; but for some of them, you need expert advice and serious feedback from a specialist or the guidance of a mentor, coach or counsellor. ACAD WRITE’s scientific authors not only offer assistance in writing, but also advance assessment and coaching on each topic connected to your subject, and on all aspects of academic working.

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As we all know, people are different and so they have different needs and different ways of dealing with life’s demands. Some want to proceed boldly, ready to try and fail and to get feedback in the end, which helps them improve; others prefer constant backing and are looking for competent and trustworthy authority to mentor them. ACAD WRITE is now offering both; so whichever way you favour, you will find the support you’re looking for with our coaching and counselling.

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ACAD WRITE coaching and counseling

We have created ACAD WRITE coaching and counselling to give you personal support from one of our experts and coaches. Specialists for your subject are available, as well as specialists for personal issues, such as self-organization or stress-management. By using our special tool, ACAD office, you can communicate with your assigned specialist freely but remain totally anonymous; you can exchange files and written messages, and you can also meet the specialist in a telephone conference, which often is the most effective way to discuss important topics.

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The successful approach to finishing your degree

Especially for collaboration with those who near the end of their program, ACAD WRITE has developed coaching and counselling services that help students and post-graduates organize their studies and improve the effectiveness of learning while working on essaysterm papersbachelor’s thesesmaster’s theses or dissertations. It can be very stressful to put the finishing touches on your thesis while simultaneously preparing its defence in a facilitated discussion or structured presentation. Our coaches are familiar with this situation and know how to deal with it efficiently. They will share their experiences with you and you will benefit from methods of cognitive sciences, psychology and other academic disciplines that help you deal with the pressure of finishing your degree and excelling during the last steps of your program.


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