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est. 2004

In the 1970s, famous cartoonist and Pulitzer Prize winner Jules Feiffer sketched a scene from an art-exhibition—a woman lying on the floor and two men standing next to her, discussing why she could be a piece of art and what it’s message might be. After they left, she looked up and asked

“Whatever happened to art?”

The question is easy to answer—Art turned into an interesting, literally colorful subject for academic studies, often linked with design or visuals or other aspects, not forgetting art history. It also turned into a subject for writing services because of the way most curricula are organized; they ask for practical training that normally must be done during the holidays, which however, are also needed for writing essays and term papers. So people turn to our expert authors for help to get assistance from our essay writing service for art & design.

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Art means communication – Communication means ACAD WRITE

Art always means communication—between an artist and his material, the artist and his environment or thoughts, or the artist and his audience. Communication is the key to every creative process. That is why we have invented ACAD office for our clients—your own free and unlimited virtual office that enables you to communicate safely and anonymously, but as intensively as you choose with your author. You can talk on the phone, give and receive feedback, or exchange ideas and files. And that is just one aspect of our special ProQualitas system, which also assures you that all content created for you will be unique and completed by an expert in the arts. Before delivery, your order will undergo final professional editing and proofreading. All your personal data will be deleted once your virtual office is closed.

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The arts, artists and talents – Why our writing services may be your way to success

People who are interested in the arts, and most of all artists, are special in many ways; they already have a different perception and understanding of the world, which more often than not also gives them a talent for abstraction, and of course, creativity. That’s on the positive side, but there is a flip-side to it as well; they can be disorganized, chaotic, and sometimes they are easily distracted and find it goes awkwardly against their nature to narrow down their attention to just one particular issue at a time. So it gets difficult for them to focus on essays, term papersbachelor’s or master’s theses, or even dissertations. If you find you have any of these tendencies, our writing service will keep you on track. Within our pool of authors, you will find art experts who can coach you, who will help you design your papers and studies, and who will assist you in creating your bachelor’s or master’s thesis or your dissertation. Our writing service will see you on your way to success.


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