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Anyone who has chosen history as their major is aware of the strong interdependence of past, present, and future—the past is where the present comes from and where it is going to become the future. On a personal parallel, studying the past means proving your knowledge and skills with papers, essays, and theses to create your own future—a bachelor’s thesis, a master’s thesis, a dissertation—the first steps to a job at the university or in the outside world. What counts in getting there is the here and now. But what if your creativity gets blocked, if you get ill, or other obstacles get in your way? Then, our writing service for history students will be there to assist you with your coursework. ACAD WRITE has a pool of experts for every subject, and they can provide you with professional support in all matters related to academic writing and scientific research.

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Exploring history – Assistance and custom writing services for historians

Exploring history means working with literary and other sources in accordance with scientific standards and considering the scientific discourse. So an element of your specialist field is always within the subject history, as well as the history of ideas and theories concerning the field itself. Our authors are acknowledged historians who know about those conditions as well as the standards you must meet. They know how to read and interpret historical texts as much as they know how to create texts for academic purposes, whether it is for term papers, bachelor’s theses, master’s theses, or dissertations. So our writing service for history students will give you exactly what you need—including literary assistance, such as research, proofreading, and editing.

History as a profession – Historians in the modern world

The classic image of historians has changed—their environment is no longer limited to academic and heritage sectors, i.e., universities and museums. People who study history today may find their sphere of influence also includes political entities, administrations, foundations, businesses, or various institutes. But the number of historians has also increased, and there is as much competition in this profession as there is in any other. Anyone who wants to reach the top, therefore, should not settle for just a bachelor’s degree, but would be well-advised to continue on to a master’s degree and even think about a doctorate. It’s never too late to improve. If you feel you are lacking the time to excel in all academic respects all on your own, get assistance from our writing service. Our authors give you conceptual or creative support and they also offer coaching. You will get to know them in a conference call where you can personally—and anonymously—discuss everything that is important to your academic career.

Publishing history – Writing services for your career

If you want to hold your own in ‘academic competition’, the best way to court attention and to become acknowledged in your specialist scientific field within history is to get published. This inevitably means to enter yet another form of competition. It takes time and it takes both an author’s skills and the specialist knowledge concerning the standards you must meet for national or international publishing. We can provide all of that. Our writing services include text-shaping (the fitting of academic texts into publishing standards), language polishing (the upgrading of texts to the level of a well-educated native-English speaker) as well as general editing. We offer assistance for publishing projects in history from start (finding a title and creating a structure) to finish (proofreading and editing).

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