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Welcome to the world of media! We live in an age of communication, and our whole environment has turned into one big screen for visual and verbal communication that bombards us with information 24/7, some of it being useful, most of it, however, being at best redundant or at worst, completely useless. We are flooded by information and most of us long ago reached a state of overload. What is happening to us and what are we doing to ourselves and other people using all these media? Media studies work on finding the answers to questions like that, which is extremely useful and interesting. That is why you chose them as your major. But what if this or any other overload starts blocking you in your studies? Then our expert authors will support you.

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About media studies and communication science

The range of media studies has broadened considerably since the days of the first radio broadcast, as the media has grown in number and changed in form from print to audio, to audio–visual, to digital. Subjects within media studies and communication science have grown and changed as well, from reception and effects to media education and from media design to media history. As a student, you need to choose, and whatever you specialize in, our studies always involve doing some ‘media-work’ yourself, for example writing term papers, your bachelor’s thesis, your master’s thesis, your dissertation, and maybe journal articles or essays as well. That takes time and requires a vast knowledge base. We have specialists for every subject and topic among the academic authors who provide our writing services. They will supply you with support in research or assistance in writing, and they will give you feedback and advice.

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If you want to study the media, it is almost impossible to escape empirical methods. It is mostly about cause and effect, no matter if you deal with organizational or technical issues, media content, or formats. The basic, universal questions are: “Who does it? How do they do it and why? What is the effect they produce in the end? and What does it mean to the individual, a certain target-group, or to society as a whole?” To answer these questions, you need to use empirical processes, and to interpret them you need statistics. The experts of our writing service for media studies can help you with creating your research design as well as with interpreting your research results. We offer special statistical support as well. And of course, our writing service will assist you in writing your papers, theses, articles, or essays. We will back you up precisely the way you need us to.


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We not only believe in communication, we also know about its value—and ACAD WRITE has made this a major principle of our work. That is why we invented ACAD office. With it, all our clients are offered a free, unlimited virtual office that enables them to communicate directly, safely, and anonymously with their authors on the phone or via written messages. They can exchange information and files and receive or give feedback. In other words, they stay in complete control of all proceedings. But that is just one aspect of our special ProQualitas assurance. We also guarantee that your text will be written by an expert author and it will be of unique content, which we will confirm with a free plagiarism-check, the results of which will be given to you. Moreover, your text will, of course, also be subjected to professional editing before it is delivered to you.

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