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Scientific Experts and Academic Specialists

All authors working for ACAD WRITE are verified, academic experts. They all are graduates, most of them with PhDs or other doctorates, and they all are experienced writers as well. Many of the lecture at universities and/or are involved in scientific research, often with interdisciplinary designs. Our specialists for language polishing, proofreading or other forms of editing are all skilled professionals who have successfully demonstrated their mastery in dealing with the English language. With combined competencies, our authors and editors make sure that every completed order is a highly qualitative piece of academic writing.

Data-Security and Discretion

All information entrusted to ACAD WRITE by a client is handled with absolute discretion and confidentiality. We guarantee that once our mission for the client is accomplished, all information and data related to the order will be deleted. The client’s identity will be kept confidential at all times. To accomplish this, we have set up our entire process in a way that allows the client to remain anonymous towards our experts, although they may engage in direct communication. Our experts are bound by contract not to reveal any details about their work, and that obligation transcends the time they are actively working for ACAD WRITE.

Uniqueness of Content and Plagiarism-Check

Whatever content that our client’s request, we guarantee that it is absolutely unique, designed and written especially for them, following their specifications and in accordance with their needs and wishes. All rights are given to clients to use the produced content in whatever way they please. To prove the quality of the contents our experts create, we run a plagiarism-check on them, using software acknowledged and utilized by many universities. The results of that check are handed over to the client.

Communication and Control

Every client is given access to the ACAD office, our special communication tool that allows a free and unlimited exchange of information and data. It also enables the client to give feedback to the author who, step-by-step, will deliver the content the client has requested. So there is permanent communication and the client stays in total control of all proceedings and can actively direct the proceedings from the beginning until the end. And this complete transparency is not limited to the dialogue between the client and his author.

Transparency and Reliability in Pricing

Every potential client will first receive a free, no obligation proposal based on the order information conveyed to us. In this proposal, we will show and explain our price calculation, which is not only transparent but absolutely reliable. There are no hidden costs and there will be no changes unless the client asks to change the conditions.

Internal Quality-Check and Editing

All texts created by our authors are checked by a professional scientific editor before delivery. Our quality managers make sure that both content and format are according to the academic standards the client has given or requested when filling in the checklist at the virtual ACAD office.

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Code of Ethics

Counseling and Support Instead of Trading Academic Titles

Our services give support to people who aspire to obtain a degree. However, we only co-operate with universities that base their degrees on acknowledged academic procedures and standards. We do not engage in any way in trading titles for money without any real proof of academic skills and scientific competence.


We are not committed to any political opinion, ideology or religion, and respect every person, without regard to origin, orientation or opinions, as long as they show due respect towards the lives, rights and freedom of others. This applies likewise to our staff, our clients and our business partners.

Customer Orientation

Striving for the best service and customer satisfaction is one of our major goals. We counsel our customers, based on our experience, in the best way possible to give them any kind of support and advice we offer. This includes always telling our customers when their ideas or concepts are not realistic, even at the risk of losing a contract.

Committed to Quality

Quality is neither unchangeable nor does it happen by accident: quality is a process based on a conscious decision. We are using our clients’ feedback to steadily improve our performance and our services in every way possible. All our employees are committed to this task, which is also supervised by our quality management team.

Confidentiality and Customer Protection

All information and data we receive from our customers is treated with the greatest care and strictest confidentiality. We protect our customers’ identities permanently, even after the contract has been fulfilled. All communication between our customers and our authors is anonymous, and all information is exchanged under the continuous pledge of secrecy.

Scientific Accuracy

Our authors are committed to the standards of scientific working, including accuracy and transparency. They will never manipulate the results of scientific research in any way, not by changing them, by adding to them, nor by deliberately leaving out data. Moreover, they are required to report to management any attempt of customers to violate these principles, and management will then decide how to deal with it.

Respecting Copyrights

Our authors work according to common scientific standards, which includes the protection of intellectual property. Therefore, every source that is quoted directly or indirectly will be referred to accurately and completely, using the citation rules required by the customer. This applies to every form of content and data without exception and regardless of the source.

Active Data Protection

All data that our customers convey to our authors, all data generated while processing an order, and all information is given to establish a contract will be deleted two weeks after an order has been finished. Until then, it is dealt with in strict confidentiality and is secured by the most recent methods of data protection.

Liability and Fairness

Should there be any conflicts between a customer and one of our authors, we will consider both positions with the same care, impartiality and fairness. We feel as committed to the contentment of our customers as we do to our authors. Therefore, if for personal reasons, a customer decides not to take legal action in a conflict, we will not take advantage of that decision.

Gender Politics

We explicitly commit to the equal rights of all genders and therefore have based our human resource management on this idea. If in this, or other texts, we choose to use only a male or neutral form, it is just in favor of legibility and includes all other genders as well; it is meant neither as a statement nor as any form of discrimination against anyone.

Defending Democratic Principles

We see it as our most important duty to actively defend human rights and democratic principles. Therefore, we reserve the right to turn down jobs that are meant to support or to propagate racist, discriminating, or anti-democratic thoughts or theories. Of course, we will accept jobs that are dedicated to a critical scientific view on these positions, and we will support the social discourse about them in a constructive way.


We actively support the idea of social inclusion by employing authors and other staff with special needs. If someone applies for a job, the hiring decision is based on their qualifications, which will be judged by their performance. We leave it to applicants with special needs to decide whether or not they will mention this fact in their application letter.


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