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The product prices will be converted to CHF or USD based on the daily currency exchange rate. Just let us know which currency you prefer. The mentioned prices are examples. We treat and price every project that we are entrusted with individually.

* One page is defined as 290 words.
** A research proposal or synopsis includes an outline, an introduction to the topic, suggested readings, and suggestions for the research questions and hypothesis.


At the outset of your project, you will get to know your ghostwriter in a confidential conference call. After the call, your author will provide an initial outline for your paper. After that, your project will be concluded in 1–5 separate delivery and payment steps. At the end of your project, a second author will edit the paper professionally, and we will conduct a check for plagiarism.



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Complexity of the subject, empirical requirements, level of studies, target language and coaching requirements are factors that will influence the costs.

Pricing For Writing Services: A Pledge To High Quality

Every company, whatever the business, must decide to either go for high quality or low prices. We have decided from the start to offer the best quality. This is one of our major principles as well as the keynote of our recruitment. We pride ourselves on working with excellent specialists who are committed to their work and are competent partners with our clients. The ghostwriters expect and deserve to be paid according to their expertise as our clients expect and deserve to receive the best quality services. Our success, demonstrated by the growth of our company within the last decade, tells us that we are on the right track.

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Ghostwriting With No Hidden Agenda

ACAD WRITE provides a wide range of different services, from classic ghostwriting to custom writing services for students and post-graduates. And even within this variety, every order is unique in both its contents and conditions, as every client is unique and so are their requests. All our experts are specialists in their subjects, so whatever you order, you can be sure it will be done professionally and according to our high-quality standards. Still, content is a factor reflected in the pricing because it will influence the amount of time that our author will have to invest. When it is based solely on literary sources, the service is less costly than when based on content that includes empiric research or statistics, for example. And, of course, the length of a script is important as well.

At ACAD WRITE, we guarantee there are no hidden or additional costs to our writing service. When you request a quotation from us, you will receive a precise overview of all expenses and services that you will receive in exchange. There will be no changes to this proposal unless you ask us to alter the conditions or expand your order. So, with our writing service you benefit from complete cost transparency as well as experience since 2004.

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Best Service, High Quality & Absolute Discretion

ACAD WRITE has been working hard not only to keep its quality standards but also to increase them continuously. One result is our ProQualitas assurance, with which we guarantee expert handling of our clients’ orders or requests, no matter if it is about providing ghostwriting or coaching, about support in publishing or assistance in designing scientific research or evaluating its results. We stand for diversity and excellence in academic research. Therefore, we guarantee that you will receive unique content matching the standards you have conveyed to your author.

By giving you free access to our communication tool, ACAD office, you will gain complete control over all proceedings. Before delivery, your text will be professionally edited by a second expert and checked for plagiarism. All information and data that you provide us with will be handled with absolute discretion and will be deleted once your virtual office is closed. If you want to know more about our writing services, please get in touch – we will be happy to answer your questions and to send you a personal proposal.

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