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Whatever subject you have chosen as your major, when it comes to writing your master’s thesis or dissertation, the success of said thesis or dissertation depends strongly on the thoughts and efforts you have invested before you have typed the first word. Before you start your scientific research project, it is essential to take the time to focus and formulate your research interest clearly and to create an overview of your hypotheses, your methods, and the previous scientific findings you plan to build on to make your project a success. In short, what you need is a research proposal, which covers all the fundamental aspects of your thesis. This will not only be your personal guideline and schedule for the subsequent proceedings, but it will also serve as a meaningful explanation for your professor. This project description can also be used to apply for funding or to raise a publisher’s interest. Therefore, your research proposal is an equally difficult and important first step for making a valuable contribution to the academic world. The specialists at our writing service are experienced in creating custom research proposals; they know all about design, formatting, and content. With their assistance, you cannot go wrong.

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There are different approaches to and different standards of research proposals among various scientific subjects. There are, however, some basics that can be seen as a common denominator—a research proposal should include statements concerning your topic’s relevance for the respective subject, about the special research interest of your project, and about its goal. It should also contain the hypotheses, an explanation of the research’s design and methods, a carefully planned timetable, and a list of literary sources. Additionally, it should position your topic within historical and recent scientific findings in the field. The experts behind our writing service know all about the different variations to this pattern and the different formatting standards for all subjects. They are experienced researchers and academic writers. Therefore, whatever you need when it comes to outlining the structure and topic of your thesis, our custom research proposal writing service will be able to provide you with the exact assistance that you require. When you buy into their expertise, you can rest assured that your research project will be on the right track from the very beginning.

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Creating a research proposal is just the beginning of your project, but the more time you invest in your deliberations at first, the more successful will be your outcome. Our research proposal writing services offer the exact assistance that you need at this crucial turning point in your academic career. Communication is vital here. You alone know exactly what you want, and exactly how you want it, as this is YOUR project. With ACAD office, we have invented a tool for free but completely anonymous and secure exchange between our clients and our authors. With our ‘ProQualitas‘ assurance, we provide you with the guarantee that your research proposal will be put into the hands of a scientific expert who will deliver unique content to you for the subject that you need, which will also be subjected to a plagiarism check. This way, you can be confident that the work provided is uniquely tailored to your specific needs. Following this, you will then have two more weeks during which you can ask for changes to your research proposal free of charge. After this time, your virtual office will be closed, and all data and information that you provided to your author will be deleted and expunged. Thus, securely ensuring that your privacy is always protected when you use our writing service.

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The authors and experts working for ACAD WRITE are all specialists in at least one science subject. They all are post-graduates, most of whom hold PhDs in their fields of specialization. Additionally, they are extremely skilled and established writers, many of whom are working in research themselves and/or lecturing at universities or colleges in their respective fields. They are highly experienced in writing research proposals themselves, as well as very well versed in assisting others in creating them. If you would like to be sure that your content will include all of the information needed to meet the standards of your field, get in touch with our experts, and benefit from their knowledge and skills. Whatever you need—professional feedback on a text that you have worked out or assistance in creating a new project—you will get it. As soon as you make the decision to have our writing services assist you with your research proposal, you buy into a brain-pool that will guarantee that your custom thesis or project will follow a target-oriented strategy immediately from the start.


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