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Agricultural sciences convey interdisciplinary knowledge and skills. Graduates will later work in the whole agricultural production chain.

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Agricultural sciences convey interdisciplinary knowledge and skills. Graduates will later work in the whole agricultural production chain. In the courses of study, scientific fundamentals such as chemistry, physics, or mathematics are just as essential as bio-sciences or socio-economics.
At the core of the program are the subjects of agricultural production, i.e., plant and animal production, as well as possible specializations such as horticulture, orcharding, or viticulture.
Some students find it challenging to navigate their way through this broad field of subjects ranging from science, bio-sciences, technology and socio-economics. Academic ghostwriters from ACAD-WRITE offer support in the writing of texts in specific subject areas.

Extensive requirements for students in Agricultural Sciences

Students of agricultural sciences begin their studies with a variety of personal backgrounds and prior qualifications. After graduation, they will work in agricultural production, up-chain areas such as agricultural engineering, fertilizer production, feed production, or plant protection as well as down-chain in all areas of the food industry or bio-energy. Other graduates of agricultural sciences will embark on careers in agricultural extension services, interest groups, agricultural authorities, or national and international agricultural politics.

The agricultural science program requires sound knowledge and skills in maths, statistics, and science subjects.

Classes provide the basics of bio-sciences such as ecology, botany, soil science, or climate science.

In addition, socio-economic subjects such as:

  • economics,
  • business management,
  • agricultural markets,
  • agricultural policy
  • and regional planning are covered.

Emphasis is placed on subjects of agricultural production such as crop production (plant cultivation, plant breeding, cereal growing, fruit growing, viticulture) and animal production (animal nutrition, animal husbandry, animal breeding).

Further specializations – often at post-graduate levels – are possible in livestock science, agricultural economics, use of renewable resources, or organic farming.

Essays and theses in agricultural sciences are increasingly focussing on topics related to possibilities of reducing CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture. Particular attention is being paid to methane emissions in animal production.

Increased public interest has also incited research into areas such as animal welfare and the ecologisation of the agricultural sector, including also the options to reduce operational risks for organic farming. In the technological field, Agriculture 4.0 and the opportunities for smart farming provided by the digitalization of agriculture are of high interest.

In the European context, the upcoming reform of EU Common Agricultural Policies, the post-2020 CAP, including the most important instruments such as the European Agricultural Guarantee Funds (EAGF) and the European Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) are also current topics. Given the EU’s importance both as a major producer as well as a market for agricultural products, these issues are also of interest to agricultural sciences students throughout the world.

In an international context, issues of sustainable agriculture in emerging and developing countries and the challenges of feeding the world’s population are as much in focus as agricultural development cooperation and the effects of agricultural subsidies in industrialized countries on agriculture in the global South. Another important topic in global debates on agriculture is land-grabbing by private investors and international corporations taking place in developing countries.

As extensive and diverse as the topics for student research projects and theses in agricultural science courses are, so are the fields of expertise of ACAD WRITE’s professional ghostwriters.

All our professional ghostwriters have several years of experience, often also in an international context, and provide support for writing term papers, other course work and your final thesis in agricultural sciences. All ghostwriting assignments in agricultural sciences can be written in both German and English.

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Individual support through Ghostwriting in Agricultural Sciences

Ghostwriters from ACAD WRITE provide comprehensive expertise in a wide field of disciplines that are relevant for agricultural sciences, including statistics as well as remote sensing or geographic information science (GIS). Furthermore, expertise in automatization, robotics, and modern sensor technology is available.

Exams in basic subjects such as science, bio-science, or socio-economics are often done in written form. ACAD WRITE offers coaching as support in this context.

At some universities, the staff-student ratio is not sufficient to provide the support required to obtain excellent results. Our service is often used complementary to traditional university life. Academic ghostwriting for agricultural sciences provides coaching and support which many mass universities cannot offer.

Many final theses in agricultural sciences require extensive statistical evaluations. In this case, we offer individual support by ghostwriters who are experienced in quantitative methods in natural sciences, but also in social and economic sciences.

Similarly, thesis work in agriculture marketing, agriculture policy, agricultural sociology or sociology of rural areas may apply qualitative methods in social sciences. Our ghostwriters can also assist you in these areas by coaching or by taking over and interpreting evaluations.

Our experienced ghostwriters from all fields of agricultural science, such as animal production and animal nutrition, plant production, plant protection, agricultural economics or agricultural marketing, will be happy to help you with any open questions.

If you prefer to have a complete paper or a final thesis in agricultural sciences written by ACAD WRITE, this is, of course, no problem at all. ACAD WRITE ghostwriters in agricultural sciences are specialized in scientific writing, style, and adherence to any formal requirements such as citation standards as well as the presentation and scientific justification of chosen methods.

In addition, we offer professional editing services, which will add the final touch to any paper or final thesis in agricultural sciences. Especially for young graduates, it is often necessary to offer a distinguishing feature in the application process. An excellent grade for your thesis can offer a decisive advantage here.

What will be your experience when you have your final thesis in Agricultural Sciences written by a professional Ghostwriter?

First of all, we want to reassure you that all your data will always be safe with us. ACAD WRITE guarantees complete confidentiality and discretion. The protection of your identity is always guaranteed.

If you are interested in working with us, please use our contact form to send us a non-binding request. There is no need to provide any personal information other than contact data. We ask you to describe the details of your assignment as thoroughly as possible so we can prepare an offer tailored to your needs. If you prefer to discuss this on the phone, you may call us or request a call from us.

Once we have sent you a non-binding offer, we ask you to take your time to check all the details. Do content and quantity reflect your requirements? Do all deadlines fit your schedule? If everything meets your expectations, you are welcome to accept the offer.

Now it will be our turn to start working for you. We will select the ghostwriter from our pool of over 400 experts whose specialist expertise optimally matches the requirements of your order. In an initial conference call, you will have the opportunity to get to know your professional ghostwriter in person and to discuss further details of the assignment. The conference call will always be moderated by an ACAD WRITE staff member who is there to support the process and guard your privacy. Your identity is always protected in communications with the author. Typically only the first name is used by both author and client in all communications. However, you are of course free to use a pseudonym, if you feel more comfortable that way.

Once all details related to form (e.g., formatting, citation rules) and content have been clarified, your ghostwriter will start work on your assignment. Usually, the first delivery is a proposal, including introductory sections as well as the intended structure for the whole work and the first list of references. This forms the basis for further work on the assignment. Once this finds your agreement, your ghostwriter will submit partial deliveries, based on the schedule agreed in your contract. The total number of and intervals between deliveries will depend on the total volume of the assignment. Typically longer texts require more partial deliveries.

You may, of course, submit comments and requests for changes or corrections to all partial deliveries before stating your acceptance. Your ghostwriter will take these comments into account and provide any revisions which you request. This service is part of our package and is provided at no additional cost to you. Only explicit order extensions will incur additional costs but will have to be agreed upon between you and ACAD WRITE in the same form as the initial contract.

Once the last partial delivery has been completed, the final paper is subjected to a plagiarism check. Subsequently, we provide an editing service by professional proofreaders. During this process, compliance with formal requirements and content specifications is checked, as well as correct spelling and grammar, proper citation, and the completeness of the references.

Following this, the final work is delivered to you. Even at this stage, you may still request final changes.

We also provide other services, such as Coaching, co-authoring, or different consultancy models. As these are individually designed, it is difficult to outline a typical process. However, you can be sure that ACAD WRITE will always make sure that you are informed about all the details at all times and will offer a service that meets your needs.

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