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A wide variety of academic subjects is a characteristic feature of the Forestry program.

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A wide variety of academic subjects is a characteristic feature of the Forestry program. This is also true for specialized programs such as wood technology or woodland conservation. Students need to acquire solid basics in subjects as varied as forest ecology, wildlife ecology, forest operations, wood technology, forest economics, forest markets as well as forest laws and national and international forest policy. Not all students are equally apt at all scientific, technological and socio-economic foundations of forest science. ACAD WRITE’s academic ghostwriters provide support for the writing of texts on specific subjects.

Comprehensive challenges for students of Forestry

A fondness for nature, woodlands, or wildlife may often have been one of the main motivators for students to choose forestry as an academic subject. Forestry graduates will work for public and private sector forestry as well as in the timber trade, wood processing industries, woodland conservation as well as for forest authorities or in the ever more important field of international forest governance.

Sound foundations in maths and science subjects are required to embark on a degree course in forestry.

Forestry degree courses provide in-depth knowledge and skills in biological sciences, technology, and socio-economics.

Biological sciences encompass:

  • ecology,
  • soil science,
  • botany,
  • climate science,
  • forest or woodland ecology,
  • forest and woodland management,
  • forest plant protection or wildlife ecology.

Technological subjects entail forest operations, forest machines, forest engineering or bioengineering.

Socio-economic subjects cover:

  • forest policy,
  • environmental policy,
  • forest economics,
  • forest management planning,
  • forest markets,
  • markets for non-wood forest products and services,
  • or markets for renewable resources.

Increasingly forestry programs focus on the use of renewable resources for energy production as well as new materials produced in bio-refineries. In future sustainable circular economies, topics such as life cycle assessment as well as cascade use of wood and wood products become ever more critical.

On the other hand, the impacts of climate change on forest ecosystems and the forest sector are another research focus in forestry faculties. Adaptation of forest management to climate change through the selection of climate change-adapted tree species and management methods is as relevant as discussions on compensation for forest owners.

In an international context, the vital role of indigenous forest owners and indigenous forest knowledge are recognized as essential areas of research. Furthermore, the protection of global forest resources and woodlands, especially the protection of tropical forests, is high on the agenda of international forest governance processes. Instruments in the fight against illegal logging and illegal timber trade, as exemplified in the EU-FLEGT initiative as well as the EU timber trade regulation, are another important topic in this field.

As comprehensive and varied as these potential topics for term papers and final thesis work in forestry courses are, as varied are the professional specializations of professional ghostwriters provided by ACAD WRITE.

All our professional ghostwriters look back on many years of often also international experience in these fields and provide support for exams, coursework, and academic thesis writing. In several subjects, these services can also be provided in other languages than English.

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Individual support by Ghostwriting in Forestry

Our ACAD WRITE ghostwriters provide comprehensive expertise in a wide variety of disciplines relevant to forestry courses. This also includes specializations in geoinformatics (GIS) or geostatistics and remote-sensing, as well as the ever more important field of bio-refineries.

Written or oral exams or presentations often assess basic subjects such as science or economics. In this context, ACAD WRITE offers support through Coaching.

Sometimes staff-student ratios at universities are insufficient for students to receive intensive support required to achieve outstanding results, especially in the final phases of their courses. Our services are increasingly in demand as a complementary resource. Academic ghostwriting for forestry students, as well as coaching, provides support that is not offered in universities.

The final thesis work in forestry often requires comprehensive statistics. Our ghostwriters provide individual support, based on their experience with quantitative methods in science and socio-economics. Forest policy or environmental policy often also requires qualitative methods. Here, too, our ghostwriters offer support through coaching or analysis and interpretation.

Our experienced ghostwriters from all fields of forestry are keen to help you out with all open questions.

If instead, you are interested in commissioning a complete paper or thesis with our ghostwriters, that is, of course, no problem. Term papers or other coursework, as well as a bachelor thesis or a master thesis in forestry, can be written by an ACAD WRITE ghostwriter.

Scientific language and writing style, adherence to citation standards, and the sound scientific justification of applied methods are part of the service package provided by our ghostwriters in forestry.

Also, we offer expert editing services to provide your work in forestry with the final touch required to obtain excellent marks. Young graduates in forestry often need to stand out in job application processes. An outstanding result for your final thesis may provide a decisive competitive advantage.

The full package – Have your coursework or thesis in Forestry written by an ACAD WRITE Ghostwriter

Confidentiality is ensured throughout all phases of ACAD WRITE’s contract process. If you are interested in working with us, you will first have to send us a non-binding request via our contact form. At this point, it is also possible to call ACAD WRITE by phone or request a call back from us.

You do not need to provide any personal details. All that is required is contact-information and the main points of your assignment. Based on this, we will develop an individual offer for you.

Once you have received our non-binding offer, please take your time to check all the details. Are all dates and deadlines correct? Is there agreement on content and quantity? Is the price suitable to your expectations and possibilities? If you consent to all conditions, you are welcome to accept our offer.

In the next step, we will select the best-suited ghostwriter for your project from our pool of more than 400 experts. You will then have an opportunity to get to know your scientific author in a conference call, moderated by an ACAD WRITE staff member. Your privacy and anonymity are ensured throughout the process. You may use your first name when in contact with your scientific ghostwriter, alternatively you can also acquire a pseudonym for this.

Once all thematic and formal details of the assignment have been clarified, your ghostwriter will start to work on the project. Usually, following the conference call, a structural outline or exposée for the assignment is delivered, often including an introduction as well as a list of references. If you agree with this outline, further partial deliveries will be written and supplied. Number and intervals for partial deliveries depend on the overall volume of an assignment. Longer texts will require planning for more partial deliveries.

Each partial delivery requires your acceptance. If you consider a need for changes or corrections, your ghostwriter will be keen to react to these. This is part of our service at no extra costs to you. Costs will only be charged for actual extensions of a project.

Once the last partial delivery has been completed, the full text undergoes a plagiarism check. Following this, there is final editing by our qualified proofreaders. In this step, adherence to formal and thematic requirements is assessed and spelling, grammar and referencing are checked.

Following this final step, your completed assignment will be delivered. Even at this stage, though, you may request changes.

For other services such as coaching, co-authoring, and other forms of consultancy, the contract may differ, depending on your individual requirements.

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