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What is a standard page?

A standard page is a standardized format for texts defining a set number of lines and characters per page, including spaces. This facilitates consistent measurement of text length, independent of layout or font. It does not consider visual elements and primarily serves for uniformity and comparability of text volumes.

What is a visible page?

A visible page combines text and layout, including font size, line spacing, margin design, and other formatting elements. It influences how text appears and is perceived by readers. Critical aspects of the visible page include readability, visual appearance, and structural arrangement of text content.

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Calculate Text Pages

How did we build our standard page?

Our calculation is based on the following values: On average, a word consists of 6.5 characters, a line contains 5.25 words, and a standard page comprises 30 lines. This amounts to about 1800 characters per page and approximately 343 words. Our page has the DIN A4 format, with standard margins of 25 millimeters (without correction margin) or 20 millimeters plus a 40 mm wide correction margin on the right, following the typical standards of universities.

The font style chosen also influences the standard page. For example, using Arial in a font size of 11pt is recommended to achieve a standard page. Our calculator also takes this aspect into account.

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The converter has been extensively tested by three independent academics and reflects our 20-year experience.

Font height differences

Font height differences
1 Garamond, 2 Calibri, 3 Times, 4 Georgia, 5 Arial, 6 Helvetica, 7 Verdana


Is the standard page 100% accurate?

Depending on the field of study and the use of technical terms in other languages, such as English or Latin, the scope of a standard page can vary significantly.