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The ACAD WRITE Plagiarism Detector

Run an automatic plagiarism check on your bachelor’s thesismaster’s thesis or dissertation – ACAD WRITE’s plagiarism detector allows you to check your thesis and academic papers for plagiarism.

It’s crucial in academia to clearly point out which ideas are your own and which ones have been taken from other sources. Even if you were very careful to mark all citations correctly, missing a mere quotation mark might be enough for your paper to be suspected of plagiarism. You can avoid this risk with a professional plagiarism check.

We use the external provider PlagScan (, used by many colleges and universities, for our plagiarism check. All data that you entrust us with for the scan will be handled in the strictest confidence and will be deleted once the plagiarism check has been completed. More information about the plagiarism checker and a guide for interpreting the results are available here.

Please contact our service agents if you have questions regarding our plagiarism detector. We are happy to help.

Free from Plagiarism

All writing services offered by ACAD WRITE include a detailed plagiarism check as well as careful editing and proofreading by a second expert.

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