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est. 2004


You will receive your login data for the ACAD office via email once your project has started. The email will include an automatically generated username and a temporary password. Please use this data to log in here and assign a new password. Your username cannot be changed.

If you forget your password, please contact our customer service agents for assistance.


The Dashboard is an overview of all your ongoing projects. The blue envelope icon indicates a new message to one of your projects. Click the project number to see further options.


The Timetable shows all payment and delivery dates that apply to a project. Red and green text indicates a step has been completed. On the right-hand side, is the overview of your request.


If your author has sent you a message or if files have been provided for you, you will receive a notification in the ACAD office Message Center. To download a file, simply click the link in the message. You can also use the Message Center to contact your author or your customer support agent.

File Exchange Center

The File Exchange Center is used to share files with your author. All deliveries related to a project are available for download here. You can also use the File Exchange Center to provide files to your author – e.g. style sheets, literary sources, and other project-related data. The files’ metadata will be deleted for anonymization before files are transferred to your author.


The Checklist contains the basic project brief for your author. Please fill it out as soon as you can after your project has started and try to be as detailed as possible.

Conference Calls

Click Conference Calls to suggest an appointment for a conference call to your author. Once a call has been scheduled, you will receive confirmation and the dial-in details for the call via the Message Center. To access a conference call, first dial the respective number for your country and, when prompted, enter the conference room number via the number pad. Please note that it is not necessary to share your phone number with your author.

Rate Your Author

Once your project has been completed, we would appreciate it if you take the time to rate the cooperation with your author. It only takes a few minutes and your feedback helps us to improve our service.