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As a dentist, you must keep yourself up-to-date as far as medical progress and prosthodontics are concerned. Your patients expect to get the best treatment and the best advice possible; they want their teeth to be not only healthy but also beautiful, and they want their smile to be dazzling and irresistible. Today, dentists must be both brilliant on the medical side and good communicators. People need to trust the one who keeps them informed, for instance, by lecturing or via newsletters. Of course, time is precious and often short, especially when you operate a dental practice. In many cases, it can be smart to delegate certain tasks to a competent partner. Our dental writing service backs you up. We have practicing dentists in our pool of authors who are also experienced in writing and publishing; they know all about your subject and they know how to convey your messages to people.

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Dentists for dentists – The principle of our academic writing service

All our writing services are designed by experts for experts, and they are based on the principle of linking specialists of the same subject. So only graduated dentists will work for clients in that profession. Among the authors of our writing service, you will find professors and lecturers who specialize in oral surgery, prosthodontics, and every other area of dentistry. To provide effective communication between our experts and their clients, we have invented ACAD office®, to which all our clients have access. It is a personal virtual office wherein you can exchange information in writing or on the phone with your expert, and of course, all data provided by the client will be deleted once the order is finished.

Prevention but not pretension

How dentists benefit from our writing service

As a dentist, you know about the value of prevention and ‘prevention’ always means staying proactive. Keeping one’s teeth clean helps to keep them healthy, and in a time of competition and social media, communicating helps you keep your position at the top, no matter what your profession may be. Staying in contact with your target group, your patients, the professional audience, or both will consolidate your professional position. Our writing service offers you support in research and assistance in writing and publishing, for instance, with language polishing, to get your writing to the level of an expert native-English speaker, as required by international publishers. Our academic ghostwriters supply you with everything you need to demonstrate your own expertise.

Whatever you need, whatever you want – The variety of our writing services

Our writing service supports dentists, for instance, with statisticsliterary reviews, or in developing a design for scientific research. Our experts will help you with your special project. They will also provide you with academic content for presentations and lectures and with texts for your website or newsletter. They will help you shape already existing text in the right form for your purposes or assist you in creating content, no matter whether it is intended for publishing or other uses. Our writing service will also proofread or edit your texts and give them the right form to get the attention of their audience. Why don’t you just tell us what we may do for you and get a personal, free, no-obligation proposal?

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