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The challenges of medical professions – What our medical ghostwriting service can do for physicians and surgeons

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est. 2004

Around the globe, the challenges of medical professions, their tasks, and their fields of activity, differ widely, as do the terms by which their profession is called—physician, surgeon or medical doctor. However, there are also a few things they have in common everywhere. One of them of course is their special responsibility for the lives and the health of people; another is that besides their work in general practice, private practice, and hospitals, they are confronted with additional challenges, such as their participation in medical studies or the publishing of scientific articles, which often do not fit into schedules already overloaded with other obligations. Suddenly there is a huge gap between available time and the input and commitment needed. Our medical writing service fills these gaps. We offer professional assistance—and ‘professional’ here means ‘expert content’ created by experienced STEM researchers. Our services are based on state-of-the-art knowledge of the latest findings concerning all medical issues and topics.

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Experts writing for experts – Highly qualified medical writers create manuscripts & research papers

There are things you cannot do without specialist knowledge of a subject. No matter how brilliant a ghostwriter may be concerning the different kind and standards of texts, unfortunately that alone will never be enough to adequately fulfill the special needs of physicians and surgeons. That is why our authors are all graduated medical experts themselves who have their own careers in medical practice, lecturing, and publishing. They know everything about the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of scientific studies and publishing. They can create research designs and put the results into unique content – be it a manuscript, a research paper, or an article to be published in a scientific journal. They are able to edit texts or to upgrade their language and style. They know how to achieve medical progress and how to put it into the right words for articles in international scientific journals. Our medical writing service will release you from an overburdened schedule by minimising your personal input. We give you more time and freedom, while at the same time guaranteeing you maximum output.

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Medical ghostwriting – Concepts, creation and editing for physicians and surgeons

The medical ghostwriting services offered ACAD WRITE include:

  • creating the design and concept of medical and other scientific studies and research reports (formulating the hypotheses, exemplifying the theoretical background, statistical evaluation, and displaying the results as a body of text or presentation)
  • statistical evaluation (the gathering and interpretation of data, quantifying and qualifying analyses, creating presentations)
  • creating manuscripts for publication and for lecturing (subject-specific research, literary review, abstracts, etc.)
  • editing and proofreading medical articles (including text polishing, i.e., text editing, especially to raise it to the level of well-educated native-English speakers, and text-shaping, i.e., fitting an existing study into the standards and formats of international scientific publishers)
  • subject-specific presentations (designing posters and brochures as well as scientific content for websites)
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Our Medical Manuscript Writing Service: As responsible as our clients' professions

As already mentioned above, all authors of our medical writing service are experienced medical doctors, physicians, and surgeons as well as specialists in all areas of medicine. Their standards are the same as yours. They know about responsibility and duty. So we established our ProQualitas assurance to meet the high standards required by you and our ethics. To make the communication with your ghostwriter secure and convenient, we have created ACAD office®, a virtual tool that enables you to engage in direct dialog with your author whenever you choose, to exchange messages and files, and to stay in control over all proceedings. We guarantee that your manuscript will be of unique content, completed by a scientific expert in the appropriate subject. Furthermore, we assure you that all your data will be deleted once your ACAD office® account is closed. Every order is different, but all are completed with the same high degree of professional expertise and care. If you have any question about our writing service for medical doctors or want to discuss your own special project, feel free to contact us!